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HycAero Limited
Unit 3 Widow Hill Court
Heasandford Ind. Estate
BB10 2TT

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+44 (0) 1282 418 300

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Welcome to HycAero.

Hycrome Aerospace is now HycAero, to better reflect the future direction and capabilities of the business.

Heat Treatment & Forming

Key Equipment


  • Solution Heat Treatment of aluminium
  • Precipitation Heat Treatment of aluminium
  • Tensile Testing
  • Hardness and Conductivity
  • On site Metallurgy laboratory
  • CNC Brake Press
  • CNC Rubber Press
  • Fly Press / Stretch / Rolling / Manual Benching and Fabrication
  • Automated De-burring Operation
Key Equipment

Key Equipment

  • X 1 Solution Heat treatment oven (Aluminium Only)
  • X 2 Precipitation Heat Treatment oven (Aluminium Only)
  • X 1 Tensile Testing machine
  • X 2 Hardness Test Machines
  • X 2 Conductivity Test Machines
  • X 2 CNC Brake Press
  • X 1 CNC Rubber Press
  • X 1 Automated ‘Fladder’ Machine